PC vs Mac - which is better?

Been saying this for years...

I need a Mac laptop.

But I haven't done anything about it.

It's cuz learning a new operating system intimidates me enough to prevent me from pulling the trigger.  New commands, new software - ugh.  I don't want another learning curve to scale.

That and the price tag.  

Don't know if it's really worth the cost when I can get 2 PCs for the price of 1 Mac.

I've had my PC since 2012.  The fan is loud.  It takes forever to boot up.  Vulnerable to viruses. Firefox has become slow which forced me over to Chrome.  It freezes and is glitchy.  I've learned to back it up frequently enough and/or use Google docs so when (cuz that day WILL come) it completely crashes, I'm ok.  

We have a volatile relationship.  I get enough drama with my laptop that I don't need to date. ;)

It works well enough that I keep it.

Don't be like me though.

Good enough is NOT where you need to be if you’re struggling with fertility.  Because good enough creates complacency and acceptance of your situation.  And that kills the fire needed to make the necessary changes to move yourself forward quickly.  

You know whether you need to work on eating better, sleeping longer, moving more, stress less.  

Take one area and figure out what changes you can make today to be healthier.  And more fertile...

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