I wanna raise chickens...

The eggs I buy are $7.55 a dozen.  


That's at least twice the cost of conventional eggs.  

That's cuz I buy pasture-raised, organic eggs - the best quality I can find at the store.  

The price is actually very reasonable when I break down the cost.  At 2 eggs a meal, it costs only $1.26.

If I had a decent-sized backyard, I would try raising chickens.  Let them roam around, eat their natural feed of grass, seeds, insects and other natural sources of energy and nutrients, and become part of my family.  In exchange for room and board, they can pay me in eggs.  

Eh, ain't gonna happen in a condo.

But if you can, you should look into it.  Seriously.  The freshest source of protein you can get. You only need 3 hens to get 2 eggs. 

Ok, I probably haven't convinced you to raise chickens.

So  I'm going to list the quality of chickens you can get in the market from highest to lowest, reflecting their nutrient density and how humanely they're treated

  • pastured/pasture-raised - the best conditions with the hens living outdoors, eating their natural diet of seeds and insects, resulting in the most nutrient dense eggs
  • free-range - access to the outdoors 
  • cage-free - no cages but space can be just as cramped with no daylight
  • conventional - on average, hens are caged with space about the size of a sheet of paper

My girls and I eat a lot of eggs.  They're fast, nutritious, and inexpensive.  So I get the best quality I can.

As you should.

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More deets to come next week.  

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