It's not just about egg quality

My 8yo is a bit of a diva.  Must be from her dad.  Couldn't possibly come from me. ;)

She gets frustrated easily.  She had about 5 mini-meltdowns yesterday.  Must have been the heat and humidity or something.  

First one in the morning was how her socks are too small.  The girl is only 8yo and already has women's size 7 feet so I get that she outgrows them quickly.  What I don't get is why she flips out in a flash.

My goal is for her to learn how to anticipate her needs and desires, express them clearly (without the princess attitude), and figure out a solution to get those needs/desires met.

It's a work in progress, to say the least...

As adults, our conundrums are sometimes more complex so we don't always see a clear path to the end goal.  We might not have enough info to even know what our needs are.  So we don't know what questions to ask.  Without the right questions, we can't get the answers.

And so it is with fertility...

One black hole of confusion is the impact that sperm has on conception.  Sperm's role is often minimized to barely a blip on the fertility journey.  He's often slapped on the azz (figuratively, that is), told how great his sperm is, and go on his merry way.  

That means much of the burden to improve fertility falls on the woman, especially as she enters her 40s.  Cuz she's told that her eggs are getting old and game over.

Well, hold on there, sir!  Let's not pass the buck prematurely.  

Studies have shown that fertilization rates and embryo quality go down as semen quality decreases.   

Another study showed that even normal looking sperm as determined by traditional semen analyses can result in decreased pregnancy outcomes.  That's because increased DNA fragmentation caused by aging (yes, men's age affects his fertility) or his lifestyle impacts embryo quality.  

So it's important for the dudes to become active participants as you try to conceive.  Problem is, there isn't a lot of info targeted to men.

Well, the solution is right under your nose.  Literally.

The first webinar in my Fertility Hacker Coaching program will be all about supplements for both women and men.  It's a must see to ensure you and your partner get the minimal nutritional requirements for optimal fertility.

If you want in, lookie here for the 4-1-1.  Registration ends July 22.

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

The Real Deal:

  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 18 years
  • Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - 2018
  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude
  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA
  • Fertility Epigenetics guru in training

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