I was asked out on a date at Starbucks

My dog is a people magnet.  Random strangers (especially women and kids) gush over him all the time.  So much so that I think every person looking for a relationship needs to have a dog.  Their dating prospects will increase significantly.  You're welcome for that dating advice. ;)


I was reading at Starbucks with my dog at my feet yesterday.  So I didn't think anything of it when a guy struck up a conversation.  Evidently, talking about my dog was the lead in because he ended up asking me out to dinner.  

The sheer balls it takes to ask a stranger out in harsh daylight without any alcohol involved (that I'm aware of) gets my utmost respect.

If I was a guy, I would be cowering in the corner, just staring at a chick - too scared to make a move.  The proverbial wallflower.

There have been many a times when I've crushed on a guy but was too shy to say anything.

Fear of rejection can be crippling.  

Just as paralyzing as the fear of failure.  

It can prevent us from even trying, getting out of the starting gate.  

We're taught from childhood to avoid failure.  As if it's something that will make us less than who we are.  

If there's nothing that I've learned as an entrepeneur, it's that failure is inevitable.  In fact, as a business owner, I am probably subjected to more disappointments than most because my decisions come from me, not a boss.  

But I've learned to think of "failure" as opportunities to learn and grow.  I have to think that way otherwise I would be too scared to move forward.

It's what we do in these circumstances when we think we've lost that determine our future.  Because our very next step IS the future.

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