Still recovering from Comic Con...

I'm baaaaccckkk! 

For the first time since I started writing daily emails in January, I took a day off.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

My birthday weekend with my girls was too much fun!  I didn't have enough energy for an email. :)

We spent most of our time at Comic Con in downtown San Diego.  

I abhor not finding parking within 2 feet of my destination (probably cuz the kids start whining "Are we there yet?"), lines, crowds, excessive noise, being in the sun, overpriced food.

But I will put up with all that nonsense cuz I love, love, love when Comic Con comes into town.

So I Ubered from my parking spot, arrived at 9am when the first event started, walked in the shade away from the bulk of the crowd, and loaded the kids up on huge breakfasts so I wasn't on the hook for more food until we left Comic Con at3pm.  Irritants solved.

We were so stoked to see all the free events for people without paid passes this year (that would be us).  Way more than in previous years.  

I've devised my plan of attack for next year based on my hard-won experience in the past coupla days...

Arrive at 9am Thursday.  Knock out as much as possible.  Return as needed for the rest of the weekend before the first event starts.  Oh yeah, we're going to rule next year with even more swag.

The free loot we got yesterday was aaaawwweeeessssooommmeee!  

So what's this got to do with you?

Well, sometimes the journey to your destination sucks rotten eggs.  That might be the case for you as you're trying to conceive.  You gotta deal with a lot of unexpected obstacles.  But how you handle them determines the rewards you get along the way.  

That's about as deep as I can get on a Monday morning after my brain has been fried from being outside too long.  

Take it or leave it.

Housekeeping notes...
If you registered for the online fertility group coaching program and have not received an email from me with a link to schedule our 15 minute call, reply to this email and let me know so we can take care of that.  

For the ladies I've already talked with, I'll send out a link in the next few days for our first coaching session.  Woot, woot!  Can't wait to get started.

Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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