I've met my partner for life

For the past few weeks, I've been bringing my dog with me to the clinic.  With the heat, I was worried about leaving him at home for long stretches of time.  It has worked out really well.  My patients enjoy having him greet them at the door.  

Dogs have the magical ability to instantly shift a person to a happier, more relaxed state. 

It's probably cuz they're unconditionally loving.  

Always excited to see me.  Following me wherever I go (even into the bathroom).  Sometimes settling between my feet so he can have physical contact with me (even on the toilet).

Everyday, I spend a few moments throughout the day rubbing him so he knows I love him.  Often it's just a minute or 2 - not long at all.

He's my partner for life now and I want to make sure he knows it.  And it also helps me re-center.  So it definitely goes both ways.

We get so wrapped up with our lives that sometimes we can neglect our partners.  

It's doesn't take a lot of time to give a loving gesture.  

But it does take awareness that it's needed to nurture any relationship.

It can just be affectionate touches as you walk by your partner.  Or a longer than usual goodbye kiss.  How about dropping what you're doing when he comes home and give him an enthusiastic greeting instead of a distracted "Hi"?  Here's a big one...when you get home, greet him first before you do anything else - BEFORE the dog or kids (if you already have them) or any other task.  

These small, but hugely impactful, moments of love keep the passion and hope alive as you're trying to conceive.

Use this weekend to make some shifts in your relationship.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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