An easy way to check a man's fertility

The appeal of younger women to older men is obvious.  

But besides the physical attraction, there's actually a biological reason.

Like women, men also have hormonal shifts starting around the age of 40.

(If you missed yesterday's email about the change in women, read it here.)

Men's testosterone levels decrease as they age.  This hormonal change in relation to estrogen levels causes men to bond more easily.  Since women bond less with age (as talked about yesterday), men often seek connection with younger women who are more "bondable".

This is why men's fertility is also affected, just like women.  It's a slower process though cuz their testosterone drops more slowly.  However, that change can be hastened by lifestyle choices.

The presence of consistent morning erections is an indication of adequate testosterone and blood flow.  If the "good morning salute" isn't happening in your man at least a few times a week, it can be an indication of his subfertility capacity.

In our group coaching starting later this month, I'll talk about ways to naturally increase testosterone.  

Caution: testosterone supplementation is actually harmful to sperm quality so that's not the answer!  Bodybuilders know about this side effect very well.

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Details coming at the end of this week.

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