Rules are for others, not you

My dog's a runner.  But it's hard to find places where I can let him run freely without endangering him.  

He's like a toddler who runs across streets, nary a worry in the world, heedless of my commands.  

Sometimes I wonder who owns who. :/

So I like to let my dog off leash in a nearby school parking lot.  It's summer with no one around.  The perfect place for him to burn off all that energy.

Except I've been told to leave the premises by the school employees.  


Evidently, state law prohibits dogs on school grounds.

Screw that.  

I still take him.  

I just keep an eye out for employees and steer clear of them.  My dog and me on a bike are a lot faster than them. ;)

Bending the rules (in this case, I'm technically breaking them) is sometimes needed.  Rules are for the masses.  For people who don't think for themselves.  

Granted without rules and laws, there's anarchy.  Because there's way more stupid people than not. You're automatically one of the smart ones cuz you read my emails.  Congratulations! ;)

Anyways, rules.  

Yeah, there are very few when it comes to your health.  

The belief which has almost become an unwritten rule in fertility clinics that women can't get pregnant with poor ovarian reserve, low AMH, and/or high FSH is utter bull.  

I've seen it proven otherwise.

Cuz you're one of a kind.  Your physiology, circumstances, external and internal influences - all unique to who you are.

So it's up to you to do the work and figure out what works best for your current situation.  

For the people in my coaching program, I'll guide them along the way.

For those who aren't and trying to get pregnant, listen to your inner voice and body.  They will be your guides.  

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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