Yes, you can drink coffee when TTC!

The Danes have a word that's pervasive in their culture. 

Hard to explain AND hard to pronounce.


Pronounced "hoo-guh" (not exact, but close enough)

In essence, it means creating a comforting atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with people you care about.   

In Denmark where my ex is from, get-togethers last for many hours.  Not the "eat it & beat it" model we have here in the US.  So when we were invited for dinner, we arrived in the afternoon and didn't go to bed until after midnight.  Usually spending 6-8 hours with friends and family.  

That means, coffee is freely flowing well into the night.    

But if you're trying to get pregnant, you're warned to stay away from it.  

I used to advise patients to avoid coffee completely.  But it's tough for many.  It's a habit that's been entrenched for years, even decades.

Now, I've revised my recommendations based on new research and seen the results in my patients.

I no longer think of it as the taboo that I used to.  

My advice now allows for coffee during specific times of the cycle to maximize your enjoyment of it while minimizing the risk for a potential pregnancy.

I also recommend a specific brand of coffee (regular and decaf).  The coffee quality is hugely important.  

Because coffee beans grow in tropical climates where fungus and mold also proliferate, beans are often contaminated.  In fact, a study showed that 91% of 60 different coffee beans were tainted with toxins produced by fungus and mold.  These toxins increase inflammation and can cause disease over time.  They're also the reason why some people have heart palpitations, jitters, and crashes with coffee.  

Enjoying your daily coffee and fertility-boosting additions will be one of the many things I address in my group coaching, launching later this month.

If your cuppa joe is your lifeline, don't miss out on this important info and other ways to improve fertility naturally.  Go ye here to fill out this application.

Details coming at the end of this week (I hope).

Julie Chang,
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