What to do when your man isn't around during your fertile period...

I canceled my date last night.  I'm bummed because we were going to celebrate his birthday today.  But he has strep throat and I'm not going near him with a 10 foot pole.  I'm too busy to get sick!  So we'll have to celebrate when he's not contagious.

I'm sure you've run up against this situation when your partner wasn't available when you needed him around.  

Like your fertile period.  

Maybe one of you had to travel for work.  Maybe he was sick.  

Since you only have a few days of fertility in a month, the disappointment can be crushing.

I've got a workaround for just these situations.  

It's unusual advice and not as ideal as having your man at home.  

But it'll do in a pinch. 

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Julie Chang,
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