Do NOT hire me for this job!

It's time to call my cleaning lady.  Once a month she does her magic at my place.  

I love it cuz I abhor cleaning and she gets paid.  Win-win.  No brainer.

I would be Pig-Pen from Peanuts in a perpetual cloud of dust if I didn't have her.  I look at a dustball and just step over it, instead of picking it up.  That's how bad I am.  So don't hire me to clean your house!

I learned years ago as a business owner to outsource as much as possible.  

Assign the behind-the-scenes activities essential to running a business but doesn't necessarily need me to get in the trenches to do them.

My time is better focused on doing things that absolutely require my attention, like treating patients or writing these emails.  On activities that grow my business.

I've brought that outsourcing mentality to my personal life.  As in the housecleaning.

Just had this exact conversation with a patient last week who was bemoaning the upcoming task of cleaning her house.

My suggestion was to hire a cleaning lady.

Why spend your energy on things that don't require your attention and that you dread?  They'll just suck you dry.

Time is your most valuable resource.  Once it's gone, you can never get it back.  

Do you want to spend it on something that can be done by someone else (and often who can do it better cuz they don't mind it)?  

Or is that time better spent elsewhere?  

For me, I happily hand over the $80 I pay her.  With my bitching and moaning, it'll take me a whole lot longer than the 4 hours it takes her to clean my place top to bottom.  My time is worth more than the $20/hr I pay her.

That's time that I could be spending with my family and friends or recharging.

So look at areas of your life that you know needs to get done but only stresses you out.  

Hire someone to do it.  

Go get someone hanging outside Home Depot to knock out the "honey-do" list.  Lots of meal delivery services you can try if cooking isn't your groove.

It'll free up your energy to focus on things that are more important and create the space to allow better things (or babies, as the case may be) to come into your life.

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Julie Chang,
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