NOT chillin' like a villain

Pulling into my garage at 1AM Sunday, I came home to a broken refrigerator.

Kinda like my broken back after a 9 hour drive from the Bay Area to San Diego

It must have been on the fritz all weekend because it was warm in the fridge.  

So at the glorious hour of 1AM, I had to clean up the melted puddles and throw away the smelly food.  

Now I'm going through the hassle of replacing the old fridge with a new one.  And we know how fun it is to wait for delivery people.

Cleaning out the fridge and replacing it is a good metaphor for life.

We often take things for granted while things are running smoothly.  

But every now and then, we hit a bump in the road.  

In the case of the fridge, it's clear what the solution is.  Get a service tech to diagnose the problem.  Have it fixed or replaced, as in my case.  


Fertility issues due to poor egg quality.  Not so much.

It's cuz so many factors come into play.  And there's not usually just one cause.  It's the combined effect of a lot of little things.

So where to start?

Great question.  

As in the case of my fridge, take stock of things in your life that has exceeded its expiration date.  That includes physical things, beliefs that don't serve you, and even people.  

Decluttering and simplifying your life in the physical, emotional, and spiritual senses provides a space for new things and people to come into your life.

Sound woo-woo?  

If so, think about the things or people that drain you. They suck you dry so you have less positive energy for yourself and your loved ones.

So get your bootie in gear and clean out your life.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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