Back in SF again...

I'm back in SF for the weekend to pick up my daughter and her 2 friends from camp.  We'll fly down to SD later today.

Happy we're flying and not driving.

Although that's a good AND bad thing.

Because the original plan was to drive with my friend to pick up our kids.  But she bailed and placed that responsibility solely onto me. 

I was not pleased.

Although I'm glad that I don't have the 9 hour drive back and forth, I also incurred more expenses than I planned on with last minute flights, car rental, etc.

But there's no hard feelings.  

I've seen the limits of our friendship.  And won't  be expanding it beyond what it is now.  It'll stay strictly about the kids and their play dates. And in San Diego.

We often have hopes that someone can offer more than they can deliver.  We place them on our partners, children, friends, and family.

But these expectations can be unrealistic because they're not a reflection of who they actually are.  Rather what we need from them.

If they don't deliver, we're disappointed because we've been let down.  

Rather, it's helpful to let go of what they've done "wrong" and focus on the value they currently bring into your life.  Because I guarantee that the positives far outweigh the little things that annoy the bejeezus out of you.  That's why you're with him in the first place.

As you travel your fertility journey, you may need more from your partner because of the additional pressures.  But keep those expectations in line with their reality and capabilities.

Often women expect their partners to take a more active role in improving their health when TTC.  Stop smoking/weed, eat better, exercise more, lose weight, take supplements.

But often the partners just aren't in that same mental space.  Nothing wrong with encouraging him to take ownership of his health.  But you can't badger him into it.

Instead take a deep breath, move on, and do your own thang.  

Control what you can and let the rest go.

Say "Ohm".

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