When you're at a loss for words

With 3 kids between 8-13yo under my supervision this weekend in SF, I was in constant electronics police mode.

It's unreal to me how addicted kids are to their phones.  Every second they can possibly eke out, their thumbs are twitching away.  They are constantly plugged in.  

A woman in the airport laughed when my reply to my daughter's "I'm bored without my iPad mini." was "You're bored because you're boring.  Use your mind and play with your friends."

It isn't just with kids. 

I see couples in restaurants sitting across from each other on their phones almost the entire time, except when they're eating.  

Isn't it supposed to be a date? 

When you've gotten to that point in your relationship, methinks it's time for a serious evaluation.

Not having anything to talk about to your partner is a symptom.

It could be any number of reasons.

Maybe your life is deadly dull.  Sorry to be so blunt but maybe you no longer have the zest for life you used to.  And you need to figure out how to rekindle that joy from your youth.

Maybe you and/or your partner aren't pursuing your individual pleasures and are settled into the ho-hum monotony of every day life.  

I dunno what the cause is.

But if you don't make an effort to relight that flame, there isn't gonna be enough spark to light that baby fire as you're trying to get pregnant.

You may go through the motions but if your hearts aren't connected, it's gonna be a whole lot harder to manifest that love into a baby.

Just sayin'...

But if you and your partner have awesome date nights with lots to talk and laugh about, kudos to you!  Keep up the great work cuz it ain't easy to keep the spark going.  May we all be so lucky.

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Julie Chang,
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