Happily ever afters, advanced math, and fertility

My daughter wants to rewatch "Frozen".  

Ugh.  Spare me.  "Let it go..." ;)

Thankfully, my girls don't care much for Disney movies so I'm not often subjected to them. 

Maybe it's the cynic in me but I don't want my girls indoctrinated into thinking they need a prince for their happily ever after (HEA).   These "girl meet boy" movies always end when they get together.  

In real life, the work comes later when the shine of the honeymoon period wears off and reality sets in.

People expect that given an initial set of circumstances (i.e. girl is swept off her feet by boy), a predictable outcome will follow (i.e. HEA).

But that just ain't so

Chaos theory in mathematics looks at how very small changes in the starting position of a sensitive system (such as relationships) can make a big difference down the line.  

This is because it's impossible to duplicate every conceivable aspect of the initial circumstances.  

So to expect a specific result given a particular starting point isn't realistic and actually sets you up for disappointment.

Btw, I'm taking creative liberty by applying an advanced field such as Chaos theory in which I know nothing about to relationships and fertility. :)

For example...

When asked how likely it is for a person to get pregnant, all I can say is "I don't know."

Because her and her partner's situation is completely different than someone else's.  Their current health status, pre-existing conditions, genetics, willingness to make changes - all unique to them.  

The only similarity is that they have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant.  

Don't dwell on the successes or failures of others.  

Instead, focus on what you can do consistently on a daily basis to be healthier.  Improving your overall health will by default increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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Julie Chang,
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