How to get off the hamster spinning wheel

I spent 4 hours earlier this week playing a board game called CashFlow with my 8yo.  It was created by Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

The objective is to create enough passive income to take you out of the "rat race" of living off a salary.  So you're not dependent on 1 source of income, your J-O-B, where you are essentially exchanging time for money.

She did me proud.  If how she did in the game is an indicator of her future financial success, she will be paying for my retirement home!

The rat race graphic on the game board reminded me of how sometimes I felt like a hamster on a wheel.  

Spinning and spinning but going nowhere.

Ever felt like that?

You're probably feeling that now as you're trying to get pregnant.

Well, there's nothing like a life-changing event (divorce, in my case) to force you off that wheel and really evaluate your life.  

What I've realized was that I didn't have an overall vision of my life.  I was just kinda existing spiritually.  I wasn't doing enough to keep my spirit excited.  My life was too much about my family and not enough about nurturing me.

A curse that many women fall under cuz we're trained from very young to take care of others and put our family/friends/work first.  On top of that, we're taught it's selfish when we take time for ourselves.

There's a whole lotta guilt to plow through when you practice self-love.  

But 's ok - it's part of the process.  You'll realize soon enough that you actually will have more to give when you're lovin' on yourself and recharged.  Ironic but true.

Once I got clear on my vision after months of introspection, it was like lighting a butane torch under my butt.  

I was on FIRE!  Life became a whole lot more fun and exciting.  I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

So if you're feeling hamster-ish as you're trying to get pregnant, grab this opportunity to take a step back and create your vision.  

Hint: Only a small component should be about conceiving.

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