Too much of a good thing is still too much, yo.

I've had writer's block these past coupla days.  That's why the emails have come later than usual.  
Motivation is there but no inspiration.  

I think I've gone a little overboard this weekend with listening to podcasts and Youtube videos (I've become a fangirl of Simon Sinek).  Too much information with too little time to process and have quiet.

Even if the info is educational and broadens my knowledge base.  

My theory is that I'll have to limit my consumption.  So I'll dial back on the noise this week and see if I can get back into my daily routine.

What's this gotta do with you?

Methinks that if you're on the go, go, go mode and you see other areas of your life suffering as a result, it's time to take a step back and work in some quiet time.

The constant action may be for the greater good.  

In my case, it was research for my online fertility group coaching program.  I don't want to leave any stone unturned in helping my peeps get pregnant.

Sound familiar?

But some things take time.  Patience.  It can be difficult to remember that in a culture of instant gratification.  

If you're in constant motion to rush the process of improving your fertility, your egg quality, his sperm quality - whatever the case may be, sloooowwww down.  

Mother Nature is not to be rushed.  She will take her own damned time although consistent, daily nudging is always encouraged. :)

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Julie Chang,
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