Warning: Julie's on a rampage

I'm a huge believer in people taking responsibility for their own actions.  I practically hit my kids over the head with it.

So it REALLY pisses me off when I hear how dismissive men are about taking their share of the burden when it comes to getting pregnant.

What part of him being one-half the equation does not compute?

Look, mother fugger, us women have to put up with our periods for 30-40 YEARS!  

Tampons, pads, embarrassing blood stains on our clothes and other people's furniture, physical pain (for some, debilitating), taking drugs to deal with this shyt in the form of birth control pills and pain killers.  That's just the start, boy.

So, boo hoo to you for needing to give up alcohol, pot, soda, whatevs while you're trying to create this wonderful, beautiful, healthy baby that you and your partner want so badly.

If you think that age doesn't affect you, think again...

You are just as susceptible as us women.

In a study of 19,000 IVF cycles published last month, scientists found that men aged 40-42 were linked with a 46% lower chance of having a baby than men aged 30-35, when the female partner was under 30.

Thirty-five year old women had significantly more success with a male partner under 30 after one cycle of treatment, than with a man in his mid-30s.  

So, buck up, and do what you need to to improve your health.

Rant over.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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