My budding 8yo entrepreneur

My 8yo and I played yet another 4 hour round of CashFlow, an investing board game, yesterday.  I had my laptop next to me so I could work when it was her turn.  It was a weekday, after all.

I'm still trying to explain passive income so she really gets it.  

But I think it has opened her eyes towards saving and investing.  

Cuz she accepted the dog walking job a neighbor offered her. 5 days a week after school for 30 minutes.  

What a great experience for her at the age of 8!

Let's see how long she sticks with it. :)

Needing to show up regardless of how she feels that day - that's going to be her challenge.

She rides the winds of her emotions.  A joy to watch when she's happy.  Eh, not so much when she's triggered.  

Not that I'm comparing you to an 8yo, but we all have our moments (short or extended) when it's difficult to separate the emotion from the situation.

The circumstance is, in and of itself, neutral.  It's the emotions we attach to it that charges us, positively or negatively.

Getting your period is a result.  The outcome of the egg not fertilizing.  

How you react to it is within your control.  

After the initial disappointment comes, what do you do?

I say, brush it off, evaluate your previous cycle, see where you could have done better to improve your health, make the necessary changes.  

Rinse and repeat.  

You keep doing this every single month, you improve your chances EVERY CYCLE.  

Even if you're in your 40s, been told you have poor egg quality and should consider egg donor.  

It's all you.

I've seen it happen with my patients and so it can with you.

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