Wax on, wax off - and I'm not talking about your womanly parts

In preparing for our first drawing assignments next week in my cartooning course, we needed to watch clips from the original Karate Kid yesterday.  

The whole wax on/wax offsand the floorpaint the fence and how they all come together later for Daniel to learn how to block punches.  It's the basic skills he needed to move on.  

That's cuz next week we draw circly circles, as opposed to single line circles.  All week.  Every day.  30-100 circles, at least.  It might sound tedious.  But I'm excited.  

We need the right mindset going into next week.  Otherwise, many of us will be whining "Circles.  Really?!?  Let's get to the real stuff."

So impatient we are.

This isn't my teacher's first rodeo.  I've seen the results from other students.  If I can achieve even a portion of that skill level, it's worth my time.

I may not understand the process but I trust in it.  

So circles it is.  

I know that it's to build a solid foundation so that we can get to the sexy stuff later on.  But the beginning is rarely exciting. 

It's about showing up, first of all.  

Then getting started.

Followed by daily, consistent actions.

And so it is with you when you're trying to get pregnant.

The sexy stuff in the fertility world is IVF and inseminations.  As appealing as it is to have the quick fix, the success rate for women with poor egg quality or poor ovarian reserve doesn't back up its sexy image.

So you have to go back to the drawing board to optimize your success.  And draw your circles.  Every day.  

Your circles will be taking the right supplements, making the right nutritional choices, changing your mindset, strengthening your relationships.  

Those are your circles.  So start drawing...

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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