Resurrect the forgotten

It's Sunday 9am (I write my emails the day before).  

It's blessedly quiet.  Not a peep from the 4 kids in my house.  Sleepover - thus double my usual load.

Feel like I need to check on the younger 2.  Are they still alive? 

The pre-teens sleep like vampires.  Left to their own devices, the day would be half over before they woke up.  I'll kick them out of bed soon though.

Since no one was demanding my culinary talents yet, I was able to meditate for 20 minutes.  I haven't been able to consistently.  Summer wreaks havoc on my schedule with kids out of school.  

Thank you, thank you for school starting next week!  I can breathe again.

I forgot how much I get out of meditating when my mind is trying to work out a solution.  

With the hustle and bustle of summer break, I've been out of my routine.  Meditation was part of that.  I didn't realize how essential until I dropped it and brought it back in.

What helpful habit have you inadvertently let go recently cuz life got too busy?  

It's time to bring it back in.

Eating better, exercising, being more present, feeling gratitude.

All things you should be doing every day to improve your fertility.  It's the little actions over time that count.  The cumulative rewards of constantly moving forward is what will take you closer to your goal.

Ah, I hear some rugrats scampering around.  Time to pretend I'm a decent mom...

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