Optimizing fertility is a skill set. Here's how it's built.

After writing daily emails for 9 months, it seems it should get easier.  

It hasn't.  I still get stuck on what to write about.  

In those moments, I watch this video.  

The combination of the extraordinary skill and passion for their art inspires me every time.  

Knowing that they are distilling hours of daily practice every day over the course of decades into just a few minutes for our pleasure.  That I only see the end result and none of the sweat and labor behind it.  I am privy to be taken to the summit of their mountain without having to actually scale it.

It reminds me to keep writing every day even if it doesn't always flow as easily as I would like it.

Probably because I'm comparing myself to copywriting masters who have honed their own craft over many years.  Because they've done their own work, they can pump out emails in a matter of minutes while I struggle sometimes for hours.  One day, I hope the words will just pour out of me.  But I have to keep practicing with my own daily writing.  

It's a proficiency I'm building and I have to put in the effort to get good at it.

Just as writing daily emails is a habit that is to be built slowly over time with consistent effort, optimizing fertility is also a skill set that many need to learn. 

You might disagree.  Cuz it's something that we're born with - the ability to reproduce.  

True dat.  

But just cuz we have the biological capacity doesn't mean it will be realized.  (Kinda like we all have the ability to play an instrument reasonably well.)  And a lot of life circumstances can decrease your ability to have a child, especially as you get older.

Stuff like stress, crummy nutrition, lack of movement, poor self-image, weak relationships with yourself and others.  

The emotional and physical baggage we accumulate as adults often hinders fertility potential.

So it becomes incumbent on you to learn the skills of optimal health which you then need the discipline to practice in order to get pregnant.

You got this. 

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

The Real Deal:

  • Natural Fertility Coach
  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 18 years
  • Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - 2018
  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude
  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA

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