Dogsitter needed!

The day that my youngest daughter leaves home for college will likely be my last, or close to last, day in San Diego.

That will mark the next phase of my life.  Of lots of traveling.  Throughout Asia, Europe, South and Central America.  Wherever my mood takes me.

Of course, so much can happen in the next 9 years.  So, who knows what the future holds for me?

In the meantime, I indulge my wanderlust with little trips here and there.  Like San Francisco this weekend and next.  

No grand adventure like last year when I walked my pilgrimage through northern Spain.

There's only so much I can do because of the kids, dog, work, and a single mom budget.

Finding a free and reliable dog sitter is the most difficult part about traveling.  

The kids are with their dad every other weekend so they're covered.  And no, he has not taken responsibility for the dog.  Which we got for the kids, mind you.

Going to the mountains for a hike is free but I can't bring him.  And I can't afford a kennel every time I want to take off.

So I've gotten better about asking for help. 

It's hard getting over my pride and fear of rejection.  Because if my friends aren't willing to dog sit, it feels like they're personally rejecting me.  Which usually isn't the case.

We're meant to live as tribes with lots of support from our community.  

Humans are innately social animals but our culture isn't set up to provide that support.

We have to actively exercise our "ask for help" muscle.  When we do and we get it, our relationships are strengthened.

That means kindly asking your partner for help instead of just assuming he'll do it and showing the proper appreciation when he provides it.  

Acknowledgment of our contributions is important whether you're in a 1 year relationship or 20 year marriage.

Having a solid partnership is the foundation of a family.  Nurture that as you're trying to get pregnant.   

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