Popcorn and fertility - its not what you think it is

I have a confession.  

I sneak food into the movie theatres.  I brought my own drink when I went to see the movie "Girls Trip" last weekend.  Karma dictated that the drink would spill in my purse so that's deserved.

"Girls Trip" was hilarious.  The female version of "The Hangover".  Fun for women and men so it would make a great date movie or one for just the laydeez.


In my defense, it's cuz the food selection is so crappy, it's not worth the calories.  

But I always feel bad about it because I know that's where the theaters make their money.  

It's certainly not from selling the actual seats.  The theater only keeps about 20%-30% of the ticket sales.  The rest goes back to the studios and movie distributors.  

If the theater only makes about $3 per ticket, how can it keeps its lights on?  We've certainly seen how empty the showings can be.  

It makes its money from popcorn, soda, and other goodies.

The markup on popcorn in an average movie theater is around 1,000%. For every dollar a theater spends to bring popcorn in the door, it makes $100.

For perspective that’s 10 times more than the markup a kilo of cocaine sees on its way from the jungles of Colombia to the wholesale price on the streets of Chicago.  How's that for a comparison?!?

So without that popcorn, theaters would fold in a nanosecond or else have to jack up their ticket prices A LOT (way more than what we complain about now).

What's this got to do with you, other than popcorn does nothing for your fertility?

If anything, it's more harmful because popcorn has zero nutrients so fills you up when you could be eating something that's nutrient dense. On top of that, it's made from GMO corn which has been shown to lower fertility in mice, pigs, and cows.

Sorry, got sidetracked again...

Lesson of this story is that it's not always obvious where the money maker is.  

Just as it is with fertility.  

It's usually not clear what the fertility issue is.  

The bells and whistles of IVF and IUI hide the fact that it's not just about manipulating the egg and sperm to meet.  

Rather, it often resides in the fundamentals of health. Stuff like nutrition, exercise, stress management, connection, etc.

Don't let the modern tech fool you into thinking that you can ignore the basics of what makes your body run and and be fertile.

Take stock of small changes you can make in your life everyday to improve your fertility.  Cuz that's your money maker.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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