No laboring this holiday weekend!

Woot, woot!  

3 day holiday weekend for lotsa Americans. 

Labor Day to honor working peeps like yours truly and, of course, many of you, my fine readers.

I'm off for my annual girls' trip to Ohio.  Why Ohio?  Why not?  Never been there.  Cheap, direct flight from SD.  Done.

So my daily emails may not be so daily this weekend.  :)  

My girlfriend has a bucket list to go to every state.  Not my bucket list but I'll tag along.  We always manage to dig up some great eatz and other local treasures.  Often food related.  

It's rejuvenating to break the routine.  A pattern interrupt to add a little pizazz.  

So what are you doing this weekend?

Even if you're not traveling, plenty that you can do locally with your partner to shake it up a little.  No need to get all crazy.  Just stay outta jail.  I plan to.

But these little breaks are great to recharge and be even more focused when the yoozh is back in place.

You need the reprieves when you're working towards a long-term goal, like getting pregnant.  Cuz it's turning out to take a whole lot longer than you thought.  

So cut yourself some slack and do something fun!

Then come back Tuesday with even more commitment to making the changes needed to improve your fertility.

Preventing burnout is crucial cuz what if you stopped right before you turn the corner?

Have an awesome holiday weekend!

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