What a man wants...As if we didn't already know ;)

"Balls empty, belly full"

That's what one mentor says about keeping a man happy.  He's actually a business mentor but often uses dating analogies to make his point.

Simple enough.  That's what women already know intuitively.

But men are still a mystery to us.  As we are to them with our changing moods and emotions.  

This lack of understanding often creates a divide (or chasm, in some cases) between us.  

We want our men to be strong, decisive, successful on the one hand but kind, sensitive, expressive, loving on the other.  To be secure enough in their masculinity that they can let their feminine side come out when called upon.

But we forget that men are socialized from childhood towards violence and control.  GI Joe, playing with toy guns, monster trucks, MMA, UFC, football, ...

Women on the other hand are taught to take care of others right from the start.  Dolls, playing house, taking care of younger siblings,...

Our expectations of men come from our own female culture resulting in unmet desires.

So how do we close this gap?

Both partners need to be open to discussing any issues.  Listening without judgment to educate ourselves about how the past shapes our current thoughts, actions, and decisions.  Not getting defensive and then lashing out emotionally.

Doing so can help nurture empathy for each other as you try to get pregnant.  Because of the emotional stress, it would be more supportive to have a partner who you can share your experiences with and won't be dismissive of them.  

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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