What Aunt Flo tells you

At the dinner table earlier this week, I laid down some of my teachings to my 8yo and almost 13yo.

1. (To my older child)  Stash a pantiliner in your backpack.  Aunt Flo is coming any day now.
2. No one-on-one dates until 16yo.  Group dates before then are ok.  16yo is an arbitrary number but it seems popular so I'll go with the crowd on this.
3. Never, ever ask a guy out.  He must be the pursuer.  I can't wait for the discussions on this...  "But mom!  Why can't I?  I'm a strong, independent woman."  "Little chickie, it goes against the most basic biological programming of man and woman that's evolved over the past 2 million years.  Women's lib in the past 50 years doesn't erase that."

Since #2 and #3 aren't relevant to you, let's discuss our fave (or as the case may be, not so fave) aunt, Flo.

Ironic - the cycle of life.  She dreads it for an entirely different reason than you.

Flo comes to visit, causes grief, and waves nonchalantly good bye while sticking her middle finger at you.  That's her cycle (pun unintended). ;)

But there's much to be learned from Flo.  

She gives you an indication of your fertility.  

The symptoms that accompany her, how many days you bleed,  how heavy the flow is, the length of the cycles all provide invaluable information about your chances of getting pregnant.  

Gynecologists and REs typically don't pay attention to those details.

But as the saying goes - "the devil is in the details".

An ideal menstrual cycle lasts 4-7 days with about 2 days of heavy bleeding, very little discomfort, and coming regularly 26-32 days.  Your partner should also not have to hide out during that time to escape the wrath of hormonal Boobzilla.

If this doesn't describe your cycle, your hormonal regulation might be off.  Poor nutrition, excess stress, lack of exercise, toxic environment all contribute to this.  It's rarely genetics.  Which is great news cuz that means you can improve your cycle and thus your chances of getting pregnant.

You can figure it out on your own.  Much of the information is on the internet.

Or you can join me when I relaunch my online fertility coaching program in November as I walk you through each step.

Until then, make daily efforts to move you forward.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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  • Natural Fertility Coach
  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 18 years
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