NY pizza rules!

I was in New York this past weekend for a business conference.  My promise to myself was to eat as much NY pizza as I possibly could.

So Friday - 3 slices.  Saturday - 2 slices.  Sunday - 2 slices.  And 4 more I brought back on the plane that's still in the fridge.  

NY pizza is my favorite in the whole wide world.  Prob'ly cuz I grew up there as a kid so it brings back memories.  

The thing about NY pizza is that the crust and cheese are so good by itself, it can be eaten without toppings.

A mentor derogatorily describes it as "floppy, flaccid, erectile-dysfunction style New York pizza".  Bah to him!  I love that it can be folded without cracking and is meant to be eaten with hands.

California pizza on the other hand generally isn't good enough to eat by itself.  It's all about the toppings and how creative the chefs get with them.  The crust is merely the delivery system.  I never, ever eat CA pizza without some sort of topping.

That's kinda how I approach fertility.  I'm a back-to-basics, NY style gal.  

The bells and whistles of IVF are fine and appropriate for some.  But they distract the hell out of a woman.  It's the Tiffany store of fertility treatments.  You go in cuz you want that robin egg's blue box and to hell with how much it costs or if it's really worth it.  Your man might not make enough money to warrant even saying "Tiffany" but you insist on needing it.  I don't know about you but I can't tell the difference between cubic zirconia or diamond.  So knock me over with a feather if you flash me a ginormous princess-cut CZ solitaire in a diamond band - I'm gonna say the appropriate "ooohhh" and mean it.  I'm just gonna assume it's the real thing if you have your own car. 

Umm, what was I talking about?  Yes - I go into endless tangents when I'm talking in real life.  Then I forget what I was talking about in the first place.

Oh yes, back-to-basics. 

When you're trying to get pregnant and your diagnosis is poor egg quality or anything along those lines, the basics is where it's at, girl.  

The stuff you already know you need to do.  Eating right (there's a right way which I teach), exercising (there's a better way which I explain), and emotional health (there are many ways which I present as a buffet so you can pick and choose what works for you).

Hang in there with me as I get my group coaching program ready for relaunch in November.  Cuz I've got some good stuff!  Even if I do say myself. ;)

In the meantime, make the lifestyle changes to live the best and healthiest you possible.  You got this!  

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Julie Chang,
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