Joel Osteen's got nothing on me when I preach this...

I preach consistency constantly.

To myself as a reminder, to my kids, and to my patients.  

Words without actions to back them up are empty promises.  They're like my kids' farts at the dinner table.  Inexcusable and disturbing.

Life experiences have taught me to ignore people's words.  The depth of my relationship with others is determined by their flake factor.

So I wait and see what patients do with my recommendations.  

Most people start with great enthusiasm.  Then the excuses come rolling in - too busy, traveling, holidays, etc.  Before I know it, they've given up hope cuz treatment isn't working for them at the speed they expect despite their own lackluster contribution into the process. 

Consistency is about showing up every day and doing the stuff you might not always like but you know you need to get done.  Often over time, what was once distasteful, can actually be something you look forward to.  

I consistently make my kids food that pushes them out of their comfort zone.  Lo and behold, they actually enjoy them and don't groan when I introduce new items to them.

It would have been way easier for everyone if I just gave them what they want.  But my job as their parent is to expand their horizons.

My job as a fertility coach is to expand your thinking (you only know what you know), knock down your self-imposed limitations (coming from past disappointments), and have faith in something that you probably don't even think is possible cuz so many people have told you it isn't.

So immoral of today's email is...

Make daily, small consistent efforts instead of going all in at once.  Cuz that only leads to burn out before you've reaped the benefits.

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Julie Chang,
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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