Are women or men more miserable? One sex is clearly more unhappy than the other...

Well, what a downer to read this first thing in the morning.

But intrigued, I had to read on...

Women are more miserable than men for almost their entire lives and are happier only in their...wait for it...


When they're widowed.  LMAO

I guess I should stay single.  ;)

According to a recent study of 8,000 Britons, a whopping 24% of women between the ages of 45-54 are classifiable as mentally ill.

As compared to only 14% of women over 85yo who suffer severe mental illness issues such as depression.

I imagine the rates are probably even higher in the U.S.

No, this is not a license to give into temptation and put a pillow over his head.  (Admit it, you've thought about it.)

Rather, this is a sobering survey of how unhappy women are.  

Considering that the rate of infertility in American women aged 15-44 is 12%  (why are underage girls in this statistic?!?), I can only presume that some of these unhappy women also have fertility issues.  

Personally, in my clinical practice in San Diego, that observation bears out in their eventual success.  

Almost without fail, the unhappiest women have the least success.  Mainly because they stop trying prematurely.  They don't have the resilience and support network to overcome the stress of trying to get pregnant.

So evaluate for yourself how happy you are...

The survey asked 12 questions about people's general levels of depression, anxiety, self-confidence, happiness and sleep patterns. 

Participants stated how often they experienced a number of feelings linked to depression and other mental health problems.

Options ranged from 'none of the time', 'rarely', 'some of the time', 'often', to 'all of the time'.

  1. I've been feeling optimistic about the future
  2. I've been feeling useful
  3. I've been feeling relaxed
  4. I've been feeling interested in other people
  5. I've had energy to spare
  6. I've been dealing with problems well
  7. I've been thinking clearly
  8. I've been feeling good about myself
  9. I've been feeling close to other people
  10. I've been feeling confident
  11. I’ve been able to make up my own mind about things
  12. I've been feeling loved

Be honest in your personal assessment as it will give you clues on what areas of your life need the most attention.  

That internal work needs to be done by you. 

But a lot of my clients find it less stressful when trying to get pregnant to have someone show them the ropes.  And that's what the GPS (Get Pregnant and Stay pregnant) Fertility program provides.  It's all here:  

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