16yo reveals fertility secret

Last week, my 8th grader's school hosted a coffee and bagel introduction to the 2 local high schools.

The principals and a few high school kids explained what their schools had to offer and, in the process, dispelled some of the soccer game sideline myths passed around.

During the Q&A session afterwards, the questions turned quickly to AP classes.  Not surprising since we live in a hyper-competitive and high academic achieving community. 

I could feel the air vibrating from the tiger moms as they collectively sat up taller and leaned in closer to hear every word.

A question came up about how to find the balance between having a life, academic classes, and after-school activities. 

One of the kids' response was that the pressure was often self-generated and from the...


And to back off so that the child can figure out his/her own way.

Oh snap, he didn't!  We just got schooled by a 16yo.  

The crowd busted out laughing cuz we all know we're guilty of it.

The principals backed up his sentiment.  Don't make the objective to pad their resume with AP classes so they can get into an Ivy league school.  College admissions officers are smarter than we give them credit for.

Their message is as appropriate to us as parents as it is to you when you're trying to get pregnant.

It's not about what other women do, comparing yourself to them, and how successful they are with procedure X using medication Y at dosage Z.

It's about honestly evaluating who you are as an individual and as part of a couple. 

That's how you can lay your own path to improve your chance of getting pregnant.

However, each path needs a foundation. 

Just as a student needs to take certain core curriculum classes.  You need to understand the core health principles and strategies so you can not only get pregnant but more importantly, stay pregnant with a healthy child.

That's where my GPS (Get Pregnant and Stay pregnant) Fertility program comes in.  It's all here: zenfertility.com/gps  

Julie Chang,

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