Space, the final frontier...Boldly go where you haven't gone before

Over the course of six missions, British-born NASA astronaut and astrophysicist Dr. Michael Foale has spent more than a year in space.

Most famously, Foale was on board the Mir space station in June 1997 when a supply ship crashed into the station, ripping a hole. 

Alarm blaring, air leaking, power failing and the station spinning, Foale worked with his two Russian crewmates to repair the damage.

By holding his thumb to a station window and examining the movement of stars, Foale used his physics training to estimate the spin rate of the station, so mission control could fire thrusters to bring it back under control.

The crew’s quick thinking under pressure not only saved Mir but meant their mission could continue.

And, over the next few weeks, they restored full power and control as well as spending hours mopping up condensation from the dripping interior walls.

“I didn’t feel our lives were threatened for much longer than 10 seconds or so during the collision,” says Foale. “I always felt there was an opportunity to save ourselves and that knowledge meant that I didn’t need to panic, didn’t need to be afraid."

“It became one of my best missions,” he adds. “I had so many opportunities to invent solutions to problems that ordinarily NASA managers didn’t expect you to solve.”

You may not be going out into space.

But you have your own extraordinary mission.

To get pregnant.

There will be many moments when you have to figure out your next step and you're not sure what it is.  

It's these moments that you can't panic or give in to fear.  

Rather, like Foale, view these moments as opportunities to come up with solutions to your own situation.

Many of your answers is rooted in optimizing your conditions, internal and external, to get the best chance of success.  

Most of it isn't sexy, like mopping up condensation from walls. 

But it's necessary. 

And it's the consistent action of doing what needs to be done that moves you forward.

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