TTC is like a box of chocolates. Keep eating til you get what you want.

In high school, I worked at a chocolate store.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate.  Still do.  But the novelty of working there wore off quickly. 

Kinda like how it was when I first started dating.  The shine dulled lightning fast.

With candy, there's really only a few that I REALLY love.  The rest are meh. 

Same with guys.

Now I think of dating as a part-time job.  Throw on a cute outfit topped with a big smile and show up.  Put in the time to get my one big fat bonus.  

Honestly, I don't ever expect anything to come out of it.  

But I go and hope that he'll be someone I can connect with.

It has only happened with one person.  Out of dozens of first dates.

Those stats majorly blow and are seriously depressing.

But I still go cuz I enjoy meeting new people and genuinely have a good time at these "meet and greets".

I have zero expectations which allows me to be fully present with him.  

It also means that I'm actively doing something to find someone.

Instead of thinking that he'll just somehow fall in my lap.  Can that be my early bday present?!?

Same with you when you're trying to get pregnant.  

You still gotta show up and do the work.  

Even if you've been told it's impossible, your eggs are too old, you're over the hill, you've been disappointed with unsuccessful IVFs or IUIs.  

Cuz it's the small, daily, consistent actions that move you closer to your goal of a healthy baby.

You can't control whether or not you reach your goal but you most def control how you get there.

And the journey will be a lot smoother and easier with an experienced guide like me.  It's all GPS (Get Pregnant and Stay pregnant) Fertility program

Alright, off I go now to check my messages on Match.  I got a new one this morning.  Hope he's a good one... ;)

Julie Chang,

Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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