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Ever heard of the ISS?

A joint enterprise between the US, Russia, European Space Agency (ESA), Japan and Canada, the International Space Station (ISS) has now been continuously occupied since 2000. 

At a cost of $100 billion, it is the most expensive structure ever built. 

The station has proved that humans can live and work in space for long periods.

Unfortunately, its days are coming to an end with funding approved only until 2024.  At which time, it could be pushed out of orbit to disintegrate into the Pacific Ocean.

With international interest in missions to the moon, there might not be enough moolah for the ISS.  Its best bet is to find alternative funding with private companies.

If it goes down, it will be a massive waste of an incredible resource.

You know what else is an amazing resource?

Your body and its innate ability to heal itself and perform one of its fundamental functions...


Just as the space community seems to be getting distracted by the next new thing, it ignores an existing resource that can be further explored.  

Kinda like how you might be approaching your fertility journey.

Looking for the newest medical procedure.

But the answer often is already within your reach.  In your body.  Your potential just needs to unlocked with an alternative means.

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