Cheating won't get you the answers

I'm taking my kids to see "Jumanji" later this morning at my favorite movie theater with the recliner seats.  

They're the bomb!  They almost fully recline.  They're wide enough that my daughter (the younger one, not the 5'5" one) can cuddle with me.  We bring blankets. I kick my shoes off.

It's as comfortable as being at home.

When these new theaters came out a few years ago, I scoffed at them.  How can they be worth the steep price?  But soon enough, I ate my words.

I realized that I used to go for just the movie - to see it on the big screen. 

Now, I go for the experience of it.   I can relax, put my feet up, be comfortable, and not have an aching back from sitting almost 90 degrees for 2+ hours.  I no longer have to stand up to let people pass cuz there's so much room.

Now that I know how much better it can be, I refuse to go to theaters with the standard issue seats.  Yes, I'm a snob like that.

But time's short.  I want to make the most of what I've got.  Even something as mundane as movies.

Your fertility journey is anything but mundane.

In fact, it's probably the most important mission you've been on.

Considering the life-altering implications, is Google research and lurking in online forums to see what others are doing enough  to formulate your fertility plan?  

It's kinda like looking at someone else's homework (to borrow an analogy from one of my fave writers, James Clear).

As the teacher often preached, "keep your eyes on your own paper."

It doesn't matter what someone else wrote. 

In fact, looking towards others can prevent you from finding your own solutions.

What's important is that it's your own blank paper to write on, to fill with your own answers.

As James writes, "Your concern is to do the work, not to judge it. Your concern is to fall in love with the process, not to grade the outcome. Keep your eyes on your own paper."


It's a whole lot easier to come up with the answers using the GPS (Get Pregnant and Stay pregnant) Fertility program:  

Julie Chang,

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