Caution to men reading this email! Very sensitive topic...

It's Saturday so what the hey, I'm gonna go where very few people have gone before.

A surge in popularity for a WTF! procedure can cause infection, scarring, and, yep, infertility.  But people are willing to undergo this despite the cringe-worthy risks.

Before I tell you what it is, let me give a little background first to you non-Asians...

A lot of Westerners regard the sun-kissed look as indicators of health, vibrancy, and vitality.  Tanning salons are everywhere to maintain that look even in the dreary days of winter.

In contrast, Asians strive to have lighter skin. 

That preference comes from way back when the royalty and elite had paler skins cuz they stayed indoors and didn't have to labor under the sun. 

To this day, Asians work hard to keep their skin as pale as possible.  Whitening creams are prevalent in Asian cosmetics.  Women wear huge sun visors and gloves when driving to minimize skin damage.  They look really ridiculous in public but I guess they look great in private.  It's a trade-off.

Because of this obsession with skin whitening, a Thai hospital has recently started offering whitening laser treatments. 

Wanna guess where?

Drum roll, please...

The penis.

It's expensive at about $680 for 5 treatments. 

It's temporary cuz the body continues to make melanin, thus returning the skin to its normal color. 

It probably HURTS too!!   (I can just picture the men's reactions.  LOL)

AND the potential side effects include...

  • infection
  • serious scarring
  • infertility


I'm glad I'll never have to treat infertility due to this reason.  Cuz there ain't nothing I can do.

But I CAN help women over 40, diagnosed with poor egg quality, had multiple failed IVFs or inseminations, had multiple miscarriages, or just want to do everything they can to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

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