How this common product can hurt your fertility

What surprising animal is genetically similar enough to us humans that it can be used in studies? 


Since more than 70% of the genetic structure of zebrafish resembles that of humans, scientists looked at the potential effect of common contaminants on the long-term impact of human fertility.

In a study published last week, scientists found that the chemicals in sunscreen caused abnormalities in Zebrafish and killed their offspring. 

After 47 days of eating food contaminated with chemical UV filters, several of the embryos had abnormalities. 

In addition, the embryos' 24-hour mortality rate increased dramatically, from 10% to nearly 60%, while the 72-hour hatching rate decreased significantly, from 80% to less than 30%.

Admittedly, we're not zebrafish.

However, chemical sunscreens are known hormone disruptors, potentially causing infertility in us humans.

To find out what I recommend in place of chemical sunscreens and other common sources of hormone disruptors, check out the webinar recording I did on FB Live last Friday. 

Note: the webinar starts at around 8 minutes 15 seconds.  I can't delete the first few minutes when I'm hanging out waiting to get started.

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