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What's one of the (many) deeply frustrating aspects on the road to pregnancy?

It's that what works for other people doesn't seem to help you at all.

So, here's the thing about that conundrum...

Your situation is unique to your own.  Your age, health, fitness, viewpoint, partner, and so on.  They all shape your particular situation.

Blindly copying & pasting from others' experiences and advice doesn't always work because you're not adapting it to you.

A prime example is how people go into an IVF, expecting  success right out of the gate.  

Unfortunately, that's not the reality. 

Especially the older you get. 

In fact for women 40-41yo, the success rate of IVF with their own eggs is about 11%.  For women >42yo, it drops to 3%.

Those statistics are pretty dismal.  Especially when you consider the cost of ~$25,000 for each IVF cycle.

So do you give up entirely on IVF?

Well, actually, you don't have to.

Join me next Monday Oct 15 to learn a creative way to leverage the power of IVF so your chances of success rise dramatically, no matter what age you are.

Who is this for? Primarily for women who have had a poor response to IVF in the past, low ovarian reserve, and/or low AMH.

I'll be holding the webinar on FB Live at 9am PST, lasting about 15 minutes.  "Like" and "follow" my FB page (@juliechangfertility) to get notified.

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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