Let them see your sweat stains...

Despite poor critical reviews, "Venom" was actually quite entertaining.  Not sure what that says about my taste in movies...

My kids and I enjoyed the unexpected sense of humor.  And I love me a Tom Hardy anything.   Unfortunately, his British accent was Americanized.  Sigh...

Tom plays a downtrodden journalist who spends most of the movie in sweat-stained shirts. 

What they saved in wardrobe, they made up for in special effects when an alien symbiote shares his body, giving him superhuman strength, speed, and shapeshifting abilities.

Comparing the grittiness of his character, Eddie, to the bling and glitz of "Crazy Rich Asians", the last movie I saw, it reminded me of the "Don't let them see you sweat" credo.

Which is a load of b.s. Especially in this day and age, when everything you see can be photoshopped, filtered, contoured, etc. until you don't know who the real person is.

We're rapidly losing the ability to communicate with others on a genuine level.  Too afraid to let others see the struggles and pain.  

And yet, ironically enough, it's the vulnerability of allowing others to see the sweat and tears, that connects us.  

We don't get closer when things are good.  Those are the fleeting celebrations of overcoming difficulties. 

We get closer when we help each other.

There's nothing wrong with sharing your fertility experience.  Because you know what, you will be surprised at the struggles others have or had as well.  And, you might also be surprised at how much deeper your current relationships are, when you take the first step to remove your mask to reveal the sweat of working hard to achieve your dream.

And, of course, stay for the post-credit scenes of "Venom" for the possible sequel.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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