Ask and I shall receive (I hope)...

I spent a few hours Friday trying to come up with burning questions and topics someone trying to get pregnant would have. 

Then I had a slap on the forehead "DOH!" moment... why don't I just ask my email list?  

Sooo, I'm inviting you to share any fertility questions you have so I can address them in future emails.  I may not answer every single one but I'll definitely hit on the more popular ones.  

And then there are some of you out there reading my emails for jollies or whatever reason cuz I KNOW you're not trying to conceive.  A reader forwards my emails to her 70yo relative.  What a compliment!  And a hoot.  Thank you.  Anyhoo, for you looky loos ;) - if you have any questions you'd like to me to address, I might actually create a new website around that topic.  I'm feeling the itch to start a new project...  Maybe my itch will be scratched with an idea I get from you.

So if you're in the mood to share, here's the link to give me your feedback.


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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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