Are these 3 things holding you back when TTC?

My first long-form, more traditional blog is locked and loaded!  That was an epic journey of writing and figuring out technical details like formatting and software issues.  

The topic of blocked fallopian tubes may not apply to you but some lessons I learned and revisited you can definitely use on your fertility journey.

Here they are...

  • When starting anything new, there's a steep learning curve.  Be patient during this stage until it plateaus into the implementation phase.  Learning how to improve your fertility naturally and navigating your fertility journey is a skill set as you build a toolbox to replace old habits with new ones that serve you better.  

  • Don't get stuck in the details.  Act quickly and refine along the way.  It's not about attaining perfection at any point in time.  The more you move, the faster you recover from the inevitable falls and obstacles.  Like riding a bike, look where you want to go and not behind you or you may not get up when you fall.

  • Focus.  That truly is the hardest for me and is my Achilles Heel.  I love going down rabbit holes when researching any topic.  But that eats up a lot of time.  It's a form of procrastination and I'm working on how to conquer it.  We're all wired to stay in our comfort zones - our brain has evolved to protect us from the uncertainty of change.  Recognize where your distractions come from and eliminate them.  They provide the short-term reward but usually are harmful to your end result.  Common distractions you'll want to look at are your night-time routines that prevent you from getting the 8-9 hours of sleep you need for optimal fertility which then means you're too tired to wake up early for a grounding, rejuvenating morning routine.  It's a vicious cycle that one can stay trapped in.

Those are my early Monday ramblings.

Here's thelinkto the post about how to open blocked fallopian tubes.  (In case you're wondering, those are my 9yo's hands in the gif.) Even blocked fallopian tubes aren't an issue for you, there are nuggets like my Matcha Green Tea Latte, nutritional tips, and addressing emotional blockages for you to ponder.  If you've read my emails long enough, you know that my content goes far beyond the specific topic.  Figure out how to use the material for your own health and goals.

Questions about the content in the post?  Or would you like me to elaborate on other points regarding this topic?  Please share your feedbackhere.

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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