How to overcome our weaknesses as revealed by Trump

Trump is smart.  Not book smart.  Not politics smart.  But people smart.

Like him or not, Trump is the master of distraction.  He knows how to manipulate people.  

His Twitter tirades, grandstanding, and name calling all serve to redirect our attention from the important policy issues to what he wants us to focus on.  

He's speaking to primarily under-educated people whose attention spans are short, easily bored, and want things spoon fed to them so they don't have to think too much about it. 

To capitalize on these traits, he keeps his vocabulary and grammar simple at the 4th grade level (making it easy for the media to create sound bites from), repeats himself constantly (you repeat anything enough times, you'll start believing in it even if you didn't in the beginning), and creates controversies where there are none (reality shows prove people love drama).

To keep up with the actual policies that affect us, we now have to dive deep beyond the front page of news stories.  It requires a lot more effort than in previous presidencies.

The problem is that we have limited resources to make informed decisions.  We rarely spend enough time to process information deeply enough to make it “stick” in our brains.

We get so distracted by other peoples' lives that it affects our own ability to learn and grow, to communicate with our loved ones, and to cultivate self-awareness.

I would say that the quality of our lives suffer because of this level of distraction.

I see it in client after client.  "I'm too busy."

I get that.  But are you busy with things and people that actually improve the quality of your own life?  If not, they need to be left out for the garbage truck to pick up on Wednesdays.  

Otherwise, they'll take up valuable emotional space and start rotting your life.

If you wake up with dread for the day,  take the time to evaluate what's working and not working for you. 

Do more of what's good.  Kick or phase out the stuff that ain't. 

If you really want to improve your fertility, you've gotta take out the trash every so often so you can focus on what's really important.  It's especially beneficial if you're over 40, diagnosed with poor egg quality, had multiple failed IVFs, or recurrent miscarriages cuz it takes longer to build the strong foundation you need for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

My Fertility Top10 teaches you what those important things are:

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