How harnessing love helps when you're TTC

Today's message is a continuation of yesterday's email.

I figured it would be appropriate since it's Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate your partner.

But what happens the other 364 days of the year?

We often become so focused on what's missing in our lives that we forget to appreciate what we actually have already.  

Part of the issue is that our culture is so individualistic, we're conditioned to think about what's in it for me, first and foremost.  

There isn't anything inherently wrong with that because it enables us to be self-sufficient.

But we can lose sight of the power of our community.  

Humans are social animals.  Especially women.  We wither without the laughter of our friends, the communal tears shed during difficult times, the unconditional love of our parents, and, of course, the cherishing adoration of our partners.  

This love has the power to elevate our lives.  But in order to release that potential energy, it needs to be nourished.  

Create a habit of feeling and expressing more love.  For yourself and others.

Starting today, make an effort every single day to acknowledge to your partner something that he does or says which makes you happy.  

Doing so expands your circle of love, magnifying the love that is already there.  Spinning an ever growing web that might eventually catch the baby that's waiting to enter your life. 

It's difficult to stay positive when you've been trying to conceive for years.  Especially when you're being told that it's too late because of your age or burdened with a diagnosis of poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve.  When you've spent tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars for IVFs that didn't work.  When you've suffered multiple miscarriages.

Hopefully this shift helps you reignite your hope to continue on your fertility journey.

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