Success story from a 43yo client...

A moving success story from a 43yo client expecting her baby next month...

"Over the years I have been asked the same question quite a bit.  It is a question that often bothers me, other times I just brush off.  The question is, "Why did you wait so long to start a family?"  The people who ask the question often don't understand the various reasons why someone would wait to start a family until 37 years old which was my case.  We have different reasons and all valid reasons and we should never feel it is our fault waiting longer than most.

I have a 4 year old daughter that I gave birth to just before my 39th birthday.  It took us a full year to conceive but low and behold we were able to get pregnant after a full year of trying naturally.  My husband and I love our daughter so much and being parents have given us new meaning in our much so that we wanted to try for a second child.

At 40 years old we decided to begin the process all over again, first try naturally then we moved on to fertility treatments.  We began with Clomid and timed intercourse for 3 full cycles with no success.  Then we moved on to 3 cycles of IUI with also no success.  At this point my doctor recommended I move onto IVF because time was not on my side.  My husband and I had not even considered IVF due to cost so we tabled our dream for a second child for a couple of months.  

In the couple cycles off fertility medications, my husband and I decided to continue trying naturally.  We succeeded and became pregnant only to miscarry at 8 weeks.  We were devastated and I was ready to give up but my husband had enough optimism for the both of us.  He insisted we try a cycle of IVF.  We cobbled enough money for one IVF cycle.  Unfortunately, this attempt would also prove unsuccessful.  By now my spirits were pretty broken, I could not continue with the emotional roller coaster.  We tabled our quest yet again after the failed IVF cycle.  

Several months later, when I spoke to my husband about it, we both knew we wanted to give this one last shot.  I found Julie Chang.  She was very easy to talk to and answered a lot of my questions during our half hour conversation.  By now it is October of 2016 and just shy of my 42 birthday.  I followed as many of her dietary recommendations I could comfortably integrate into my busy work/life schedule.  I also followed her supplements recommendation closely since this was something I could easily manage.  

In November of 2016, after a month of treatment with Julie, I found myself pregnant again.  We couldn't believe it since Julie had told me that the treatment typically takes 3-6 months to be effective.  As happy as I was to hear the news, I chose to keep a very realistic stance and just hoped for the best.  At my first OB visit at 7 weeks, my OB told my husband and I my pregnancy was not viable.

As difficult as the news of yet another failed pregnancy were to accept, both my husband and I wanted to continue with Julie, it was at least making me feel pretty good health wise.  Julie advised me to be patient and believed achieving even a failed pregnancy was a good sign the treatment could work for me so we continued.

I had 6 full months of treatments with Julie after my last failed pregnancy.  In July of 2017, I found myself pregnant again and this time held my breath every single time I visited my OB.  With every visit I would exhale just a bit more.  With every passing month, my fears would decrease little by little.  

Finally, I feel I can share my story because I am 3 weeks from my due date and I am ecstatic!!!  I'm now 43 years old and my little girl will be here any day and I am so thankful for finding Julie!"

And there you have it.  A healthy pregnancy in your 40s is absolutely possible.

This is why I do what I do.  To help women like you achieve your dream.  We all have our aspirations but they're sometimes difficult to attain because we don't always have the right knowledge to reach the brass ring. 

I'm here to help you with my Fertility Top10 -

Julie Chang,

Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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  • Natural Fertility Coach
  • Licensed Fertility Acupuncturist for 18 years
  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude
  • B.S. Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, UCLA

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