Fights in elevators provide fertility lessons

I love me some kick azz martial arts movies.  I think it must be ingrained in my DNA - all Asians should love martial arts or you're a poser Asian.  ;)

Anyhoo, the "Ip Man" movies (all 3 of them) are some of the all time great martial arts movies.  The cool part is that they're at least semi-biographical - based on Ip Man, who most famously taught Bruce Lee.

In "Ip Man 3", Ip Man protects his wife in a teeny tiny elevator from a hit man sent to kill him.  They've just found out that she's dying from ovarian cancer and are reeling from the news. Here's the scene.

Do you see the amount of control he has?  He doesn’t get impatient either.  Rather he calmly deflects his opponent until he gets his chance to remove this threat away from his wife. 

Stays cool.

Remains patient, looking for his opportunity.

Protects what's important to him - his wife.

Even under pressure and distracted by his wife's condition.

And guess what?

These are also the traits of someone who is committed to improving her fertility naturally despite feeling the pressure of time weighing on her.   Stays focused on what's important.  Doesn’t get impatient looking for the magic bullet.  Doesn't despair when her period comes. 

And instead commits to the process of consistent daily action for optimal health (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). 

For those of you who understand this, that's what the Fertility Top10 is for -

Julie Chang,

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