Origins of a sexting app

Intrigued by the idea of how useful it would be to send disappearing pictures, Stanford University student Reggie Brown, thought it would help his game with women.

He could send hookups a picture of his junk.  And girls would be way more likely to send him racy photos if they disappeared. 

Reggie recruited a couple of friends to build an app that they called Picaboo (a riff on the game "Peek a Boo").  It bombed when it was first released.  It bombed again when investors showed no interest.  

Despite the early hurdles, Reggie stuck it out and guided Picaboo to eventual overwhelming success as Snapchat.

The idea of sending self-destructing photos to your significant other sounds preposterous but that was essentially what the app was for.  The likelihood of success seemed impossible.

You know how I like to reframe the word "impossible"?  To "I am possible".  Corny, yes.  But dayam, it works!

When you're trying to get pregnant in a world that says you're too old and you're too broken, it's tough to move past the sadness, anger, confusion, and even the guilt for not being "woman" enough to create the family you want so much.    

Every day is a fight to stand tall, stay positive and hopeful.  

How can you turn impossible to "I am possible" when you're not sure what to do next?  With the help of my Fertility Top10 -

Julie Chang,

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