I wanna shave my head...

"Black Panther" lives up to its hype with my 13yo daughter proclaiming it to be the best movie from the Marvel Comics universe yet (we've seen them all).  

Besides the intricate story line (for a superhero movie), character development, scenery, honoring of rituals and customs inherent to any African nation, the most enjoyable part was seeing how central of a role the women had in the movie.

The female cast is so badazz, I almost wanna shave my head in solidarity.  Almost, I said.

With a support network of his love interest, all-female guard, younger sister, and mother, Black Panther allows their guidance to shape his new role as king of Wakanda.

This is truly an inspiring movie for all young girls - no matter their color or race.

The fierceness of the women reinforced what I already know about us.  Our strength especially when we allow ourselves to ask for help, resiliency despite obstacles and tragedy, and bravery called forth to protect our own are forces to be reckoned with.  

These traits are within us.  It might not seem like it when you're struggling to get pregnant and disappointed month after month.  In these times, it's easier to call forth on them when you have a guide...  

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