My daughter fell off a horse...

I had a terrifying incident last week.

While my daughters and I went horseback riding, my 9yo fell from her horse. 

Fortunately, she just had scrapes and looks like she was in a fight.  

In the confusion, all 3 of our horses ran away.  (Don't know if they were found.)

An employee came in a golf cart to bring us back to our car where a relative was waiting for us.  

You know what the first words were out of this relative?  It was NOT how is my daughter doing or how relieved she is that my daughter is ok, after falling from a horse (!). 


The first words were what an inconvenience we are to the facilities for losing their horses and having them come out to get us on the trail in a go-cart.  

In fact, she even repeated that statement later.

WTF!  Just writing this makes me furious.

This relative's completely irrational preoccupation with stranger's opinions prevented her from providing the support I and my daughter needed after the fall.  

I see this same preoccupation with maintaining a certain appearance in fertility patients. 

The fear of shame and judgment prevents many from reaching out to their loved ones or the appropriate professionals.  

If and when they do ask for help, many are often surprised at how common fertility issues are.  Once that spigot is turned, the flood of support is quite unexpected.

There's a fine balance in disclosing too much personal information and sharing enough so that you get the help you need.

Because it's often what you DON'T know that prevents you from moving forward and making a real difference in improving your fertility. 

Think about it this way...

Your current knowledge base has gotten you to where you are now - for better or worse.  Unless you educate yourself beyond your limits, it's nearly impossible to progress forward towards your goal of having a healthy baby..

And the quickest route to success is asking for help.  Often from the most unexpected resources.

Like me.  And the Fertility Top10:


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