This common pill can cause infertility...

I'm not a fan of medications.  Prescriptions or over the counter.  I know they're necessary at times.  But I worry about the potential harm they can cause, especially with long-term use.

People often pop meds like they're Pez candy.  Thinking it's no big deal.  

Well, a study came out last week showed that pregnant women who take ibuprofen could irreversibly harm the fertility of their unborn baby girls.  

Common brand names for ibuprofen are Advil, Motrin, Brufen, and Nurofen.

Taking the tablets for just 2-7 days within the first 3 months could lead to a shorter period of fertility, early menopause, or infertility in their girls.

This loss in fertility was a result of reducing the store of eggs in their daughters' ovaries.

Considering that 3 in 10 women take ibuprofen in the first 3 months of pregnancy when they might not even know they're pregnant yet is concerning.

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