Plug and Play your way to a baby

After my proud mama moment from this weekend (described in yesterday's email), I plummeted back to Earth when I saw my 13yo's grades which are updated frequently and posted online.  

2 A's and 3 B's.  Sooo not feeling the B's.  

You know what an Asian "F" is?  A "B".

Oh, oh.  Here's a good one...  She's an Asian, not a "B-sian".  :)

But seriously.  Not happy with her grades.  Cuz it's gonna get serious in high school next year when she really has to dial in her time management and study skills.

I know what her problems are... Easily distracted.  Hasn't developed the discipline to adhere to a study routine.  Rushes through her work so it's done but doesn't put in the extra time to make sure it's quality work.  Prioritizes playing with friends over getting good quality work done.  

So now I gotta figure out how to teach her the skills she needs to succeed next year when the grades start to REALLY matter.  Cuz right now her test run in middle school is not up to par yet.

Fortunately I already have practice in creating a system.  One for women trying to get pregnant, especially women in their 40s, diagnosed with poor egg quality, low ovarian reserve, disappointed with multiple failed IVF cycles, or devastated by multiple miscarriages. 

This system cuts through the distractions, clarifies each step, prioritizes your focus so you have a real shot of having a healthy baby despite your fears and doubts.

It's pretty much a "plug and play".  Plug your butt in a chair and play with what I teach here...

Julie Chang,

Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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